Please choose carefully. We do not usually give refunds if you:

1. Simply change your mind.
2. Make a wrong order by mistake.
3. Want to cancel the order before the processing lead time has passed – Lead times are mentioned on the respective product page and on our FAQs page point #1.

(Please see notes below for further details).


You can choose between a refund and or exchange if:

1. Your goods were not shipped out within the processing lead time stated – Lead times are mentioned on the respective product page and on our FAQs page point #1.
2. You received goods which were damaged/expired.
3. You received different goods then what you ordered.

(Please see notes below for further details).


  • We will only exchange or refund once we receive the initial goods back from the customer.
  • If packaging of the contact lens boxes is opened when received, a refund will not be given.
  • If we agree to your refund request due to you making the order in mistake: For unshipped orders, you will need to bear the bank charges which were deducted and bourn by us during the transaction (around 5% of the total invoice amount).  However, if you have already received the goods and want to cancel, you will additionally need to bear the charges to send back the package to our fulfilment centre in Hong Kong.  Alternatively, you can amend the order on WhatsApp with our Customer Service staff to avoid these issues, if there is any difference in charges we will charge or refund you the difference.
  • All lenses shipped will have an expiry date of at least 1 year and 6 months (18 months), there may be a possibility that in one order, there can be boxes of multiple expiry months and years.  As long as the lenses are over 18 months in expiry, we will not entertain any requests for refund or exchange.

For more information, contact us by WhatsApp by clicking the following link:

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